1. Kansas, en route to Colorado for final preparations

  2. "To see the world,
    Things dangerous to come to,
    To see behind walls,
    Draw closer,
    To find each other,
    And to feel.
    That is the purpose of Life. “
    -Walter Mitty in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

    Greetings! Thanks for visiting our travel log. We’re planning on keeping this site as up to date as possible. We’re not sure how often we will have Internet or what kind of technology we will have, but we’re going to try our hardest so that our closest friends and family will be able to check in and make sure we’ve made it to our next destination safely. We can’t guarantee this page will be completely G rated, so follow along at your own risk.

    AJ, my fiancé is a professional photographer and will be posting breathtaking, jaw-dropping, jealousy-inspiring photos. I, Kat, am taking a small break from my nursing career, and will provide some commentary on the photos posted and places we’ve seen. Coming along for the ride is our trusty German Shepherd, Alex. AJ and I plan on volunteering along the way in whatever capacity that we can be useful at. And of course AJ plans on taking photos throughout the journey. Alex plans on digging holes, shedding, chewing on rocks, swimming and all around being the best companion we could ask for.

    Ultimately we are planning on driving through every country from the US to the tip of Argentina. Currently we are heading back home to Colorado from Chicago. We had to do a test run in the U.S., due to our last minute vehicle change. We bought a Sportsmobile almost two years ago and we were planning on taking it until the last minute when we decided it wasn’t as trustworthy as we needed it to be. We ended up putting a rig together of a used 2500 Dodge Diesel short bed with a Northstar Laredo SC cab over camper. We fondly call our rig Ramona and trust that she’s going to take us to Ushuaia, the southern most city in the world.